Monday, February 11, 2008

Shaq can't take the Heat goes to Sun

Phoenix Suns became Shaquille O'neal 4th NBA team after Orlando, Los Angeles and Miami. Shaq Daddy was traded by Miami. In the trade the Suns would receive O'Neal and the Heat would receive All-Star forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks.

Last week it was Pau Gasol to the Lakers team and almost everyone says it was brilliant move by Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

In a mistaken attempt to try and stay ahead of the Lakers, Kerr traded away all-star forward Shawn Marion for broken-down Shaquille O’Neal.

The Big Diesel is out of gas, has several flats and is leaking oil at an alarming rate.

The slow O’Neal just doesn’t fit in the Suns’ high-octane, uptempo offense. Shaq doesn't fit offensively with the Suns. He can't run anymore. He can't shoot. He still was groaning about his touches in Miami, and you think he's going to accept life as the fourth, maybe fifth, option at times? There's little evidence to suggest Shaq simply will embrace the role of defensive stopper that the Suns so desperately want of him.

By the time O’Neal lumbers across halfcourt on offense, the other four Suns will be heading back to play defense. On the other hand the Suns would miss Marion skills and offensive contribution.

Most of all, Shaq can't stay on the floor. He is broken down. He will be 36 next month. He is always hurt now. He has been meeting constantly with doctors this season, MRI after MRI on his hip. His knees still struggle to carry those 340 pounds on his bones. Shaq's spirit was built to endure forever, but his body is a different story.

The Suns are hoping a chance to play for a contender will motivate him to do his rehab and keep his weight down, but even that is wishful thinking. Listen, Shaq had one title left in him. Pat Riley squeezed it out of him. It's over. He doesn't bring Grant Hill's desperation to be a champion. Shaq has been there, done that four times, and you wonder how much that lure even drives him anymore.

I think the Suns could forget getting that elusive NBA title.

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