Saturday, February 16, 2008

China, Taiwan and HongKong cheap calling rates

Calling China cheaperMy favorite calling card company recently dropped their rates for calling China, Taiwan and Hongkong for the whole month of February, in time for Chinese New year celebrations. Long distance rates are lowered from 2.2 cents per minute to 1.8 cents per minute to China and from 3 cents per minute to 1.9 cents per minute to Taiwan.

Gone are the days where everyone talks hurriedly when talking on an overseas call. Competition from small and medium calling card companies like Onesuite makes consumer happy and big players trying to re asses their positions.

Now everyone can enjoy calling their love ones with the reduced rates for as low as 1.8 cents per minute. Got to enjoy these low rates while it last and if anyone is interested and wants an additional 5% bonus on sign up amount and first recharge then sign up under here for Onesuite promo.

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John said...

Onesuite saved me $$$ not only for calling China or Taiwan but Europe as well. I hope they stay long in business and retain their good service even if they're getting more and more popular these days.