Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cheap ways to call long distance

Well because of the nature of my job, making long distance and international calls are quite norm for me for many years now. I exclusively use phone cards to save but lately the quality is getting from bad to worse. I found a couple of good ones with nice rates and better quality but the minutes randomly disappear for no reason at all so I thought of making a complaint but theres a problem...there is no support number.

A close friend of mine told me about the phone card she's using and referred me (we both got bonus minutes for the referral) to Onesuite. I signed up using Paypal (you can also use Mastercard or Visa) and bought $20 ($10, $15, $20, $30 are available too) of credits and in minutes I was connected to my friend in India. Rates are very good in all countries and some (about 2 dozens or so) have their own access numbers, meaning you can use your account while...say in India, China or U.K.

Onesuite is rich in features like Zipdial where you don't need to type in your PIN and Rapidial (onesuite online phonebook) make calling so much easier and save time too. Onesuite also added VoIP in their products and their service are now more accessible than ever. Now you can make voip calls on your computer and if you are techie enough you can use ATA device and use Onesuite Broadband services without the need for computer.

Disappearing minutes are now a thing of the past because in Onesuite you can check your account history online and in real time. Calls, phone numbers, date and time of calls are just a few of information you can see and confirm unlike over the counter phone cards where you won't know if the minutes you consumed is correct. Now no more wild guessing plus you could always phone their toll free 24/7 live customer support for any Onesuite related inquiry.

So if you want to save on your calls (who doesn't) and get a reliable long distance service, check out and get 5% bonus when you sign up plus another 5% bonus on your first recharge.


Jack said...

Very informative post. I'm gonna check out

Anonymous said...

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