Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GrandCentral invites for free

I got 3 more GrandCentral invites left and I'm gonna give it to the first 3 people who reply on this post. Just give your email address and I'll send you the invite.

All I ask is to come back on this blog and offer 3 invites also. I'm just returning the favor because I also asked for an invite and someone sent me an GrandCentral invitation email.


Efren said...

Please send me one at

I'll give back invites here.


Kinda said...

Hi Zahir!

I'd be supergrateful if you sent an invite my way. Thanks a million!


Kinda said...

Whoops, bet my e-mail would help. :)

Here goes:

Zahir said...

Invites sent.

Anonymous said...

Hi, please sign me up (if there are some left). I'll also give back invites. Thanks!

Zahir said...

The invite button has now gone. I wonder if GrandCentral will still accept new users.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has an invite left, I'd appreciate it:


Anonymous said...

Hello, please sign me up. I'll give back invites.


joe said...

I would like an invite please.

My email is

thanks very much in advance