Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Got a call from 509-362-9996?

Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.

We got 3 calls from this number on our office land line numbers and 2 numbers on our voip based numbers at work. We can only hear voice recording in Spanish at the other line and based on what I found out over the net, its saying something like "You've won a cruise trip to Cancun" or something to that effect.
I also got a call on my mobile a few minutes later and even my Onesuite voip number wasn't spared.

Because I was curious and furious, I Googled the number and voila! Hundreds of results showed up within the past 24 hours. People were complaining that their numbers are registered under the "No call list" or National Registry. People got the same call on their mobile phones too which we all know aren't listed online or atleast it's more difficult to access than a regular landline.

Anyways I think whoever is doing this has some kind of program that dials random numbers and then fish for someone who will call them back. As a result they will have a list of valid numbers (landline and mobile) that they can sell or use again in the future.

The number has an area code of 509 (Washington state) and using a phone number look up it says its in Spokane, WA or they're only using virtual numbers and can be anywhere (say India) in the world.

I think FCC should do something about this because for the past 24 hours, this spammer has been calling thousands of numbers across the US whether your number is listed under the no call list or not.

Here's some Google results where people complains about getting a call from this number.


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Anonymous said...

I have received this phone call at both my office VOIP number and my husband has received the call on his cell phone. The calls are always after typical work hours.